Classic Series Floating Dock

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Classic Series Floating Docks

 Wooden docks have been built for centuries and survives today in our  Classic Series Wooden Dock. Traditional construction techniques matched  with extruded aluminum structural hardware creates a system that will  blend with the beauty of your shoreline for years to come. Our Micro Pro  Sienna Treated Docks are hand crafted by experienced carpenters using  quality Canadian materials at our factory in Muskoka. Every Classic  Series Wood Dock utilizes very reliable foam filled plastic PermaFloat  dock floats. Our full range of float sizes allow us to choose the right  float to fit your design. 

High Performance Box Floats

 Box floats are the industry standard for dock flotation. They are more  durable & longer lasting than blue foam flotation, and more stable  than pontoon style floats due to the flat bottom design keeping more  material in contact with the water and creating more stable  displacement. Add in the flexibility to build with over 50 standard  float sizes and you have the most suitable flotation for almost any  conditions. 

Pressure Treated Wood Frame

 Our Classic Series Floating Docks are primarily constructed from Micro  Pro Sienna Pressure Treated Lumber, chosen for its durability and  suitability for use with our specialized steel & aluminum structural  hardware. For those interested in the most natural looking dock,  Western Red Cedar is also available  

Decking & Skirting

 While our internal frames are most commonly PT lumber, decking &  skirting can be PT, Cedar or PVC materials to give you the best look to  fit your unique shoreline. .


 Classic Series Floating Docks come with a 3 Year warranty and are  expected to last 10-15 years under typical conditions. The Box floats  are warranted for 15 years 


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