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Pole dock

Pole Docks

Floating Docks

Floating Docks

 Pole Docks are designed for shallow water installations (typically less  than 6′). Since very little of a Pole Dock touches the water it is the  most environmentally friendly design and also the best in rough water. A  pole dock is the least expensive docking solution since there is very  little shoreline preparation required and the light-weight design and  easy assembly will reduce your install and removal crew requirements.  Your kids will thank you!!!  

floating dock

Floating Docks

Floating Docks

Floating Docks

 Floating Docks are ideal for deep or fluctuating water  conditions. A big advantage of a floating dock system is it stays at a  constant height above the water which is ideal if you keep a boat moored  to it. 

cantilever tower dock

Tower Docks

Floating Docks

Tower Docks

 Tower Docks are the ultimate in pole dock designs. Suitable for many of  the same conditions as a Pole Dock, a Tower Dock has the added benefit  of lifting out of the water like a drawbridge at the end of the season.  No more getting wet with the annual install and pull out! The tower  component is built right into the frame so there are no heavy components  to store away, and the tower folds underneath the decking in the summer  leaving your dock clean and ready for use. 

Dock Installation

   Dock Installations are somewhat custom based on your shoreline. A  site inspection is usually performed during the quote stage to ensure  you get everything you need to make your Dock last a lifetime.
 Most clients choose to have their  Docks installed professionally by us the first time to ensure it is done properly and can winterize it from  there on their own. 

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 Docks by Whyte’s located just outside of Perth on Hwy 7 are an exclusive  dealer for On the Water Designs. Perth is a town in Eastern Ontario,  located on the Tay River, 83 kilometres southwest of Ottawa, and is the  seat of Lanark County.
Docks by Whyte’s specializes in custom designs  for floating, cantilever Tower and pole dock systems and installations,  backed by superior customer service and high standards of workmanship.  We also have PWC and Boat lifts, for all your dock system projects  please contact Docks by Whyte’s today for more information, we have a  dock solution for you!​​ 

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