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What is the difference between your Designer Series Docks and Leisure Series Docks?


Leisure Series Dock Systems from On the Water Designs are the ultimate solution for Do-It-Yourselfers. Each frame bolts together meaning a full system can be picked up in a pick-up truck or a minivan. Each system is designed to be modular so you can expand & modify your dock design any time you choose. If you like the look of the leisure series products but don’t want to build it yourself we offer assembly, delivery & installation services.

Designer Series Dock Systems are designed using welded frames to give us maximum flexibility when designing your dock system. With a variety of standard sizes, and the ability to custom design anything special, Designer Series Docks are sure to suit your needs. Delivery & Installation services are available for any of these systems.

What Kind of a dock do I need?

 Here at On The Water Designs, “What kind of a dock do I need?” is one of the most common questions we receive.
Although nothing beats a personal consultation with our knowledgeable dock building and design team, clicking the link below and answering 3 quick questions will allow us to make an initial recommendation as to what type of dock will best suit your waterfront property.